Ques. 1 What are your library hours?

  Ans. Monday to Friday                  : 08.00 am – 08.00 pm

            Saturday                                  : 08.00 am – 05.00 pm

            During Vacation                      : 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

            Closed on Sundays and institute holidays.

Ques. 2 How can I become member of the Library? 

 Ans. There is no form required to become library member. New member details will be added in the Library database once your academic registration is done.

Ques. 3 Is there any separate Library Card will be issued for using the Library?

  Ans. There is no separate card issued for members to use the Library. Institute Identity card (I-card) is sufficient to enter the Library and for referring the collections. Bonafide members only will have borrowing privileges.

Ques. 4 Which items can I borrow?

  Ans.  Only Books (General, Text and reference)

Ques. 5 How can I borrow Books?

Ans. Go to the library, pick up the books you like to borrow, carry these books to the Circulation Counter. Show your ID Card. The library staff will assist you in getting these books issued to you.

Ques. 6 How can I return the Books?

Ans. Books may be returned at the Circulation Desk during the circulation hours. Always verify your account to ensure return.

Ques. 7 Can I borrow books by sending I-card through someone? 

  Ans.  No. The borrower has to come and get it issued after signing in the register

Ques.8 How can I renew a book?

Ans. Books that have not been requested by another borrower can be renewed at the Circulation Desk. A book can be renewed twice, upon which it needs to be returned back to the Central Library.

Ques. 9  What should I do if lost the issued Books?

 Ans . Immediately report to the circulation staff, Central Library for lost of book and replaced a new copy within 7 days.

 Ques. 10 How do I access E-resources subscribed by the Library? Do I need any separate                   login/password? 

 Ans. Most of the E-resources are accessible through IP authenticated within the campus. There is no need of separate login/password to access these e-resources.

Ques. 11 Where can I find answers which are not here?

 Ans. Ask the Librarian through an e-mail (library@iiit-bh.ac.in) or contact in person to : 0674-2653321. Answer will be provided as soon as possible