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Welcome to Central Library, IIIT Bhubaneswar a very special place in the IIIT Campus. The Central Library, IIIT Bhubaneswar started in 29th November 2010. As an integral part of the institute, the library has been playing very significant role in supporting the academic and research activities. It is fully automated library with Internet and Intranet connections with a team of professionally qualified staff members, manages the Library. The library houses more than 34500 books covering all disciplines of Science, Engineering & Information Technology. Apart from the print books, the Central Library achieved phenomenal progress in the subscription of e-resources by subscribing 150000 of e-books and 7+ e-resources (full text as well as bibliographical databases) to its digital collection making "24 x 7 Library" in real scene on institute-wide network and off-campus access to e-resources. All the housekeeping operations of the library are fully computerized by using HIBISCUS an open sourced academic information system.